The collection currently containes 1983 Balloonpins , divided into 80 galleries.

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AIBF 2001 30th.jpg AIBF 2002  31th.jpg AIBF 2002  Balloon Mail Pilot.jpg AIBF 2002  Balloons Of The World Uniti.jpg AIBF 2002 Flight Of The Nations.jpg
AIBF 2002 Launch Director.jpg AIBF 2002 Official Propane Supplier.jpg AIBF 2002 Public Safety.jpg AIBF 2003  Albuquerque Aloft.jpg AIBF 2003 Holiday Fiesta.jpg
AIBF 2003 Launch Director  1.jpg AIBF 2003 Launch Director  2.jpg AIBF 2004 Flight Of The Nations.jpg AIBF 2004 New Mexico Challenge.jpg AIBF 2004 Official Propane Supplier.jpg
AIBF 2005 Launch Director .jpg AIBF 2005 Official Sponsor Matheson Tri-Gas.jpg AIBF 2005 Official Sponsor Wal-Mart.jpg AIBF 2005 Official Sponsor WRS.jpg AIBF 2006  35th.jpg
AIBF 2006 Balloonmeister Cheryl Lete.jpg AIBF 2006 Board Of Directors.jpg AIBF 2006 Chase Crew.jpg AIBF 2006 Dawn Patrol.jpg AIBF 2006 Fiesta Challenge.jpg

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