SpecialShape pins

The collection currently containes 860 SpecialShape pins , divided into 35 galleries.

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Smurf - Schtroumpf OO-BYO.jpg sonic.jpg South Park 1.jpg South Park 2.jpg South Park 3.jpg
South Park 4.jpg Space Shuttle   N-1977.jpg Space Shuttle  Nassau Bay TX  N-1977.jpg Space Shuttle  Patriot 2003  N-1977.jpg Sparkasse Box  G-BXKH.jpg
Sparkasse.jpg Special Labradors Team.jpg Special Shape Rodeo Battle Creek 1993.jpg Special Shapes  Of The World Battle Creek 1995.jpg Special Shapes 2001 WIM.jpg
Special Shapes 2003 WIM.jpg Special Shapes 2004 WIM.jpg Special Shapes 2005 WIM.jpg Special Shapes 2006 WIM.jpg Special Shapes 2007 WIM.jpg
Special Shapes 2008 WIM.jpg Spirit Of Peace.jpg Squawk  2006  N-44574.jpg Steiermark Heart  OK-5007.jpg Strawberry.jpg

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