SpecialShape pins

The collection currently containes 860 SpecialShape pins , divided into 35 galleries.

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Chubb Fire Extinguisher G-CHUB.jpg Churchill Dog  G-CDOG.jpg Clown  G-GWIZ   Albuquerque 1989.jpg Clown  G-GWIZ  Albuquerque 1989.jpg Clown  G-GWIZ  Flight Pin.jpg
Clown  G-GWIZ Balloon Team.jpg Clown  G-GWIZ Japan 92.jpg Clown  G-GWIZ.jpg Clown 1.jpg Clown G-GWIZ  Chateau-d'oex.jpg
Clown G-GWIZ  Golden Flake.jpg Clown G-GWIZ Balloon Glow 1989.jpg Clown Mail G-GWIZ.jpg clown.jpg Coca Cola  Bottle  Chase Crew.jpg
Coca Cola  Bottle  G-BYIX.jpg Coca Cola  Bottle.jpg Coca Cola  Zippo - Cup 2005.jpg COCA COLA Ballon-Team Achim Schneider.jpg Coca Cola Bottle 1.jpg
Coca Cola Werder Bremen.jpg Cock  PH-AAN.jpg Cock PH-AAN .jpg Coco The Clown  N-3284C   1.jpg Coco The Clown  N-3284C   2.jpg

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