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The groups

My pin collection has been divided in a few different groups, as there are:

Since there are so many pins, such a division forced itself on us. But it is not evident. A pin can for instance be an airship pin of Warsteiner. In which group does it then belong: airship pins or Warsteiners?

How to explore the collection?

You can view the collection in different ways:

Click a small pin picture to go to the larger version in the Browse-page.

Here you look at the pin pictures one by one, and you're presented with a larger picture version so you can inspect the pin in detail. When you click on a small pin picture in the galleries or in the search page, you'll jump to this page.
If you type in a number followed by Enter, you go to the pin with that number.
If you type a group of letters followed by Enter, you go to the first next pin with that lettergroup in it's name. When there are no (more) pins found, the search starts all over, from the beginning of the list. In that case the text will be colored blue. Then you'll have the first in the list with those letters.. The following pins, if any, paint the text in green. If there are none at all, the text will be colored red.

You'll find this special page via
Here you can search for pins, in all pingroups at once. As in the Browse page (see above) you need to type in a group of letters that should appear somewhere in the pin name.

Since all pins for one group are on one page it can take a while before the page is completed and you can start printing.

Printing large tables with variable height rows is not evident. All browsers have troubles with it and cut images in pieces at the end of each page. Therefore the whole is cut in different tables, one for each page. Still there is the question of how many rows one can put in one of these tables. As a programmer you have no means to determine all the right parameters concerned in this matter. The solution is to provide the user with a variable, a value for the number of rows per table. Try it out with different values, until you find the best value in your situation. For instance it is obvious you'll be able to put more rows in a table, if you choose Landscape in stead of Portrait as a print parameter.


There is also a simplified version of this site, designed for Netscape users and older browsers.

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